Mr. Mahurin

I teach language arts for the gold pod at Nichols. I also teach drama in our after school program. I enjoy reading, traveling, and coffee.


  • 5th Grade Holiday Program is 12/4 @6:30.
  • Crystal Bridges filed trip on 12/7.
  • New photos added on 10/29! Check them out!
  • Thursdays are also Hat Day! For 1$ students may rock a hat all day long.
  • The last Friday of each month will be pickle day! Bring a buck and enjoy a pickle!
  • If you haven't signed up for my class Remind, text mahuri to 810.
  • Thursdays are College Game Day. Wear your college gear!

My Class Schedule

  • Walk to Learn - 8:10-8:40
  • Mr. Dunn 4th - 8:40-9:40
  • Mrs. Browning 4th - 9:40-10:40
  • Mrs. Riley - 5th - 10:40-11:40
  • Recess/Lunch/Specials - 11:45-1:55
  • Mr. Mahurin 5th - 1:55-2:55

 Our Classroom

I have an amazing class this year. Mrs. Billings presented us with the Trophy of Awesomeness at our first awards assembly. We achieved this based on our behavior, procedure and our amazing dance moves.
Everyone has a job this year! Jobs rotate every two weeks and include Lunch Manager, Teacher Assistant, Table Washers and Trash Collectors.

We are growing mint plant in our room. It hasn't died yet. Cross your fingers. :D

We've been learning about Literary Genres and Story Elements. We just finished our first novel. We read Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. No one had a panic attack but there were tears.

Students continue to work on their grammar with our Daily Language Review. The first five minutes of every class we are doing grammar!

Next up, we're on the road to Figurative Language and Literary Devices.