Mr. Mahurin

I teach language arts for the gold pod at Nichols. I like coffee, traveling and Chipotle.


  • Thursdays are also Hat Day! For 1$ students may rock a hat all day long.
  • The last Friday of each month will be pickle day! Bring a buck and enjoy a pickle!
  • If you haven't signed up for my class Remind, text mahuri to 810.
  • Thursdays are College Game Day. Wear your college gear!

My Class Schedule

  • Walk to Learn - 8:10-8:40
  • Mr. Dunn 4th - 8:40-9:40
  • Mrs. Browning 4th - 9:40-10:40
  • Mrs. Riley - 5th - 10:40-11:40
  • Recess/Lunch/Specials - 11:45-1:55
  • Mr. Mahurin 5th - 1:55-2:55

 Our Classroom

We've been busy preparing for our state tests! Our testing begins on 4/8/19.